Joanne Bradford

Joanne Bradford

Chief Media Officer


Redmond, CA USA

Everybody really deep down inside knows what they want to do. I think sometimes people are just afraid to say it out loud.


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Joanne Bradford


My road in life has been direct.
Says you have to do a few miserable jobs so that you can appreciate the "good" jobs, but you should never stay in the miserable jobs for too long.
Coming out of college with a degree in journalism and advertising, she took a job as a retail buyer at Macy's.
Didn't enjoy that job, but acknowledges that it taught her a lot about business.
Always knew she wanted to do something "really challenging and big."
Entered the tech industry, where at times, she was the only woman in the room.
Had to try to sell MSN as a viable site for advertising right after the "dot-com bubble" burst in 2001.
Says when you're facing a challenge that big, you learn to break your work down into pieces, take small victories as they come.
Encourages road-trippers to write down their dreams and keep them in their pocket to make sure they're working towards them every day.
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High School
San Diego State University


Chief Media Officer

I lead media business, global programming, marketing and business development teams to produce MSN.

Career Roadmap

My work combines:
My work combines:
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