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Musician / Actor
Freestyle Love Supreme

“The difference between fear and excitement is just a very, very small idea.”


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  • When he was a kid, he was very emotional, and often found himself frustrated because he didn't know how to express his feelings.
  • One day, a teacher gave him The Crucible, which was the first play he ever read.
  • He realized that the arts gave him the freedom to finally accurately express himself.
  • Followed his dreams to New York City, the most expensive city in the country.
  • Remembers only having a can of beans to eat for dinner and having to call his mom for $20 dollar wire transfers.
  • When he met the guys from Back House Productions, it was his first experience with a theater company.
  • Saw his future collaborator Anthony Veneziale running an "all hands on deck" troupe, and he loved their energy, wanted to be in the room with them.
  • He was cast in the production company's In the Heights, a hip-hop/rap musical that won multiple Tony Awards and a Grammy.

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