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“I think 'achievement' is way overrated, I really do. It's not a source of happiness.”


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Being Creative


  • Says he didn't know exactly what he wanted to do in college because he had such a wide variety of interests.
  • Considers himself a "late bloomer," had never been singled out as a "creative person," had to figure it out on his own.
  • Felt like he would've been a good "Renaissance man," but the pressure today is "pick one thing and do it."
  • After college, felt immense pressure to make money, started thinking of taking jobs that would've taken him "off of his bliss path."
  • Heard Joseph Campbell say that every myth can be boiled down to one message: "follow your bliss."
  • Hadn't been told that before; remembered telling a prep school teacher that he wanted to play drums, was told it'd be a poor use of his education.
  • Doesn't count his awards, pay as his "success," says he became "successful" the day the Blue Man Group started doing their performance art.
  • Stresses that doing the work you love every day is what pays off, not grand achievements or money; those things lose their shine quickly.

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