Cheryl's Open Road

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“You have to look in the mirror and say, 'I don't care what happens today, I'm going to go for it.'”


Acting & Theatre Television


Determination Failure Fulfillment Perseverance Risk


Being Creative


  • Turned 30 while she was bartending in Los Angeles; had no agent, no jobs; knew she had to get serious ASAP or move back to Florida.
  • Decided "I'd rather die trying"; she'd wanted to be an actress her whole life, this was the time and place.
  • Says she learned to live with disappointment; got rejected at audition after audition.
  • Started performing at Groundlings, an improv club; impressed a producer with one of her skits.
  • She was so convinced that she wouldn't get the "Curb Your Enthusiasm" job that she wasn't even nervous.
  • Hit it off with Larry David immediately; was told she had the job that very same day; show turned out to be her "big break."
  • Still has moments-meeting Robin Williams, for example-where she realizes all of her struggles were "all worth it."
  • Says "you have to be okay with failing," because the worst thing you can do is be paralyzed by your fears.

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