Charna Halpern

Charna Halpern



Chicago, IL USA

Don't be afraid to daydream...those dreams can come true.


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Charna Halpern


My road in life has been direct.
Thought she'd have to choose one career and it'd define who she was: "I am a schoolteacher."
Says don't be too worried about your first career choice; that first job might just be preparing you for something else down the line.
Her dad opened the first McDonald's in her hometown; she gave an interview at the grand opening.
Her interview was so engaging, the host let her interview more people; radio station ended up hiring her as a broadcaster.
Moved to Chicago for radio show; was goofing around at a party when a friend told her to audition at Second City: "I always say yes."
She "bombed" that audition, but she started taking improv classes and fell in love with it.
Ended up literally "writing the book" on improv, becoming somewhat of an improvisational "guru."
Says that people are too often focused on the money, or the "end goal"; if you want to do anything, you have to focus on the "now."
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High School
Southern Illinois University Carbondale



I co-founded one of the most influential and first improv groups and have taught improv to many famous comedians.

Career Roadmap

My work combines:
My work combines:
Acting & Theatre
Teaching / Mentoring