Antonio's Open Road

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“This is something I feel passionately about, this is what I have to do, and I'm gonna do it.”


Acting & Theatre Writing


Acceptance Conflict Community Culture Family Hard Work Negativity Passion Pressure Success Support & Encouragement Struggle


Being Creative


  • Was cut from all of the sports that he tried as a kid, even bowling; fell into theater by default.
  • Loved the communal aspect of theater; quickly became his favorite hobby.
  • A professor advised him to go into another profession, didn't think he was good enough to be an actor.
  • Moved to Chicago and started writing monologues about his family, modeled after actor John Leguizamo's stories.
  • Loves writing, acting in his own stories, rather than waiting for someone else to write them and cast him.
  • Started telling stories for children at schools during the day, told more mature stories at bars each night.
  • For years, didn't have any support from his father, who thought Antonio was "wasting the sacrifices" he'd made for him.
  • Won "Best in Fringe Festival," performed at the Kennedy Center in Washington D.C.; his father started to take him seriously.

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