Power Distributors and Dispatchers


Salary Median (2020)


Projected Job Growth (2019-2029)

-6.6% (decline)


What Power Distributors and Dispatchers Do

Coordinate, regulate, or distribute electricity or steam.

Other Job Titles Power Distributors and Dispatchers May Have

Distribution System Operator, Power System Operator, System Operator, Transmission System Operator

How Leaders Describe a Typical Day at Work

Regional Business Manager ,

Rocky Mountain Power

There is no normal day, my days are controlled by a calendar, but the calendar is not set in stone. I have weekly / monthly reports for various aspects of my job. I need to utilize the internet to track stories and stay up with current events. I help non-profits with grants from the company. I work with various organizations to promote Economic Development. Yet, each day can be changed on dime, when there is a focus.

Tasks & Responsibilities May Include

  • Respond to emergencies, such as transformer or transmission line failures, and route current around affected areas.
  • Prepare switching orders that will isolate work areas without causing power outages, referring to drawings of power systems.
  • Control, monitor, or operate equipment that regulates or distributes electricity or steam, using data obtained from instruments or computers.
  • Coordinate with engineers, planners, field personnel, or other utility workers to provide information such as clearances, switching orders, or distribution process changes.
  • Distribute or regulate the flow of power between entities, such as generating stations, substations, distribution lines, or users, keeping track of the status of circuits or connections.

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