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“Like anything else in life, it's a huge roller coaster ride-there'll be high times, low times, happy times, sad times, and you just have to hang on.”


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Being Creative


  • She grew up on a small island east of Malaysia; her father was an energy consultant, and she felt pressured to become a lawyer.
  • Around age 16, she was trying to find a self-identity; she got really into music and started writing her own songs and poetry.
  • Once she had a small repertoire of songs, her friend got her a gig opening for a big local band.
  • Another friend told her he'd help her out if she sent him an MP3 of her music; she didn't know how to only record sound, so she filmed a video.
  • She put it up on YouTube so that he could see it; when she saw it getting views and comments, she was motivated to post more.
  • One of her videos, "No Christmas for Me," was featured on the YouTube homepage on her 22nd birthday.
  • Suddenly, she had calls and emails flooding her inboxes; the craziest one was a letter of interest from the manager of the White Stripes.
  • Says every life is a roller coaster ride; there will be low times, but if you just keep hanging on, you'll get through to the high times.

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