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Walt Disney Studios

“Sometimes, the job is stressful, but you'll find that there's a reason why you're doing what you're doing.”


Film Technology


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Being Creative


  • Touts the value of taking a variety of classes in school; says that acting, 3-D design classes informed his animation down the line.
  • For some time, he'd work on a construction site during the day, then painstakingly animate his reel at night.
  • Even after he got his job at Disney, he became the best by working all day, then going home at night and studying new techniques.
  • Went through a period where he questioned what he was doing, why he was putting two years of work into a two-minute payoff.
  • Saw a video showing a soldier reuniting with his family and going to see an animated movie; his purpose became clear.
  • Says that although the "value" of his work has been questioned, making an audience laugh or cry is the best feeling in the world.
  • Knowing something he created has the potential to make such an impact is what keeps him going when he has to work long hours.
  • Says the characters he creates are like his children; making the most realistic, true characters possible is really a labor of love for him.

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