Wade Martin

Wade Martin

General Manager

Dew Tour

Portland, OR USA

I realized all I've been doing up to this point is learning.


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Wade Martin


My road in life has been direct.
Wade played tennis, but was always interested in sports in general.
Went to Michigan State University to play tennis; got his sports management degree.
That led to a long, illustrious career in various areas of the action sports world.
In 2003, he joined NBC Sports as the general manager of action sports.
He spearheaded the creation and management of the Dew Tour, the first-ever season-long tour for professional action sports.
Says what you're doing when you're in your twenties is learning.
When he looks back a few years, he realizes how much he's learned in such a short time period.
Says it's helpful not to focus on chasing one exact job, but rather, follow the things that you like.
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General Manager

I created and developed a large action sports competition with multiple events in multiple cities.

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My work combines:
My work combines:
Action Sports
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