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Harvard Biochemist & Science Filmmaker
PhD Productions

“If I never get to the finish line, if I'm poor, if I don't have a family as a result, if I give up everything else I want, what one thing is still going to be worth having done?”


Film Science


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Working with Others


  • From a very young age, she was acutely aware of how short life was.
  • Realized that if she became an actress, she'd get to experience all kinds of careers in one lifetime.
  • Then, in tenth grade, she fell in love with biology; between science and the arts, she felt like she could study anything.
  • When it came down to it, she knew that filmmaking was her first choice; she loves it because she can tell any story in any field.
  • But she also made herself go through her Ph.D. studies in science because she never wanted to regret choosing one over the other.
  • She went to Harvard and did her Ph.D. in biophysics and biochemistry, and while she was writing her dissertation, she shot her first film.
  • Recently, she made a romantic comedy film called Losing Control about a young female scientist; felt that finally combined all her passions.
  • Says you have to ask yourself if there's one thing you'd be willing to give everything else up for, and if there is, you have to go after it.

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