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Senior Marketing Manager
AT&T Foundry

“My mother was like, 'You're never going to make any money!' OK, you know, I'll figure that part out later. I may be a broke teacher, but I'll be a happy teacher, and I'll be doing so much good and it will be worth it.”


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  • When she was growing up, math was her favorite subject, so everyone pushed her into engineering.
  • She went to a college that was known for its excellent engineering program, but when she got there, she realized she hated it.
  • Without telling anyone, she switched her major and started studying to become a teacher.
  • When she finally told her parents she was going to be a teacher, they freaked out and told her she'd never make any money.
  • Says that she always knew that if she was doing good as a teacher, she wouldn't care if she was broke.
  • She spent six few years teaching, then she became a corporate trainer with AT&T.
  • Now she works with the AT&T Foundry, building mutually beneficial relationships between small tech startups and AT&T.
  • Says that even though it seems she's stepped away from teaching, she still gets to mentor young people, which is what she loves.

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