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“Traveling like that gave me the opportunity to see what was in my heart, and so I started pursuing it all differently at that point.”


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  • He originally worked in accounting because he "grew up in the Midwest, where it was the right thing to do."
  • Explains his feelings at that time with a quote by Marshall Glickman: "I had the heart of a wanderer but the head of an accountant."
  • He took a leave of absence to travel; his employer, accounting firm Arthur Andersen, told him he was making a huge mistake.
  • Ignoring that advice, he took off and explored Southeast Asia and Japan.
  • Says traveling gave him the opportunity he'd needed to see what was truly in his heart.
  • While in Thailand, a friend suggested that they get beers at a place he'd found in a Lonely Planet guidebook.
  • That was his first introduction to the travel company; says while he's been an employee for four years, he's been a devotee for 20 years.
  • Says that looking back, before he took his leave of absence, he was living his parents' dream; now he's living his own dream.

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