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Swiss Miss

“There's nothing wrong with having a lot of different skills; you've just got to do what is the most authentic for you and makes you the happiest.”


Design Entrepreneurship


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Being Creative


  • Grew up in a small Swiss village; was headed down a business track in school.
  • Convinced her parents to send her to art school for one year; she was happier than she'd ever been.
  • Switched over to design, moved to New York after graduation, found an internship that day, got her visa within the month.
  • Started her blog, swiss-miss, as a side project; since then, always pursues the "passion projects" that grabbed her.
  • Her side projects, like Tattly and TeuxDeux, have actually blossomed into lucrative businesses of their own.
  • After starting her own design studio-something she'd always dreamed of-she realized it wasn't right for her.
  • Learned that rather than working for someone else, she found more fulfillment pursuing her own "labors of love."
  • Says that there's pressure to instantly succeed today, but most "really good things" grow slowly and take time.

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