Darryl McDaniels

Darryl McDaniels

Author & Entertainer


San Diego, CA USA

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Darryl McDaniels


My road in life has been direct.
I grew up in Hollis, Queens, in New York.
I initially thought I wanted to create comic books because I loved the storytelling aspect—that love for storytelling transferred to music when I realized that’s exactly what 70s folk rock was doing.
When hip hop broke onto the scene, I was sold—all throughout my teenage years, I wrote raps that told stories about myself.
After high school, I was accepted into St. John’s University and enrolled but didn’t end up graduating because I became immersed in the music and entertainment industry.
My friend Joseph “Run” Simmons and I created our first single and it became a national hit.
We created Run-DMC with DJ Jason Mizell, and became the most popular hip hop group at the time.
I eventually started struggling with depression and alcoholism, which intensified when I found out I was adopted—I struggled for years before finally seeking help and turning my life around.
In 2022 I released a children’s book, “Darryl’s Dream,” to tell kids the personal characteristics that make them who they are will help them successfully achieve their dreams.
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Author & Entertainer

I'm a rapper and founding member of the hip hop group Run-DMC.

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My work combines:
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"You won't be successful with hip hop. It's a fad. It'll be over soon."

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