My road in life took a while to figure out.
I started competing in gymnastics when I was 5 or 6, which started my foray into becoming a competitive athlete.
I participated in model UN in middle and high school and now help run them. It helped me be motivated to always stand my ground and speak up.
In my first semester of college, I went to Michigan State and realized it was not for me. It was a difficult time, but I transferred to Rutgers spring semester and it was the right decision to make.
When I got to Rutgers, I met my two best friends and realized I was able to go through a difficult process of transferring colleges.
Growing into myself over the years, especially through the pandemic.
I moved to North Carolina for this job knowing no one in the state.


High School
Public Policy
Rutgers University - New Brunswick


Digital Marketing Manager

I oversee the digital strategies across websites, email marketing, and social strategies for sponsorships.

Career Roadmap

My work combines:
My work combines:
Communicating / Sharing Stories

Day to Day

In the offseason it is a lot of figuring out what sponsors we will work with, what the new jerseys look like, capture all the content, and map out the whole year. There are also a lot of meeting with different departments in the Club at least once a week to make sure we are all on the same page. In the season it is a lot of running around. There can be one or two home games a week, so we are in the stadium 2-3 hours before the game and about an hour after. There is always something new!

Advice for Getting Started

Here's the first step for everyone

I think this is a good first step! Being brave enough and willing to chat with me. When you go to college just be involved. Any sports experience helps, like being a ticket sales person or a team ambassador. No experience is a bad experience. It will at least give you something and realize if you liked it or not and you know why you do not like it. Also put yourself out there!

Recommended Education

My career is not related to what I studied. I'd recommend this path instead:

Digital Marketing


The Noise I Shed

From Society in General:

"Working in sports can daunting because the industry is always changing and is very unpredictable. One day your team can be on the top and the next you can not be. It is a very public facing entity and having to deal with it all can be difficult."


What is your favorite thing about your job? Is there something you look forward to the most?

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"Right now since the season is about to start everyone is back in North Carolina. Being able to represent the players the best we can and getting to know who they are as players and as humans and helping them on all the aspects outside of the field."

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