My road in life took a while to figure out.
Worked in customer service at a sporting goods store.
Went to college for 2 years for Psychology and got put on academic probation.
Joined the Marine Corps after 9/11.
Took a low-pay internship at an ad agency.
Went back to school and got 2 degrees.
Got a stuffy, well-paying software marketing job and hated it.
Made a courageous step and put my skills to work for a startup company doing marketing and lead gen.
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Digital Marketing Lead

I match financial advisors with potential clients.

Career Roadmap

My work combines:
My work combines:
Learning / Being Challenged

Day to Day

Wake up, make a shake for breakfast, review digital advertising stats, create landing pages with relevant offers, communicate with clients, adjust keywords and digital ads, integrate new technology into client websites.

Advice for Getting Started

Here's the first step for professionals

Read 50 marketing and copywriting books. Ask marketing pros what their #1 favorite marketing or copywriting book is, write down the answers. Create a list. Read them all and take notes. Synthesize. Use what you've learned for 1-2 friends. Do it for free or low cost. Charge a lot. You'll need to learn how to do that. Make a few cold calls. You'll need to learn how to do that too.

Recommended Education

My career is not related to what I studied. I'd recommend this path instead:


The Noise I Shed

From Society in General:

"You're not exactly the Marine Corps type. Math isn't your strong suit. You're not a natural salesperson. You're shy. You're not strategic enough. You don't understand business."

Challenges I Overcame

Military Transition