My road in life has taken me all over.
Everything can be traced back to the day I decided to enlist: that was the start of my path.
I served in the Marine Corps Infantry for seven years.
When I got out, I was lucky enough to have a supportive girlfriend who helped me with my resume.
I did hours and hours of Google searches and sent out about 250 resumes in the ensuing months.
Most companies replied, "Thanks for your service, but we're not hiring right now."
Finally a company hired me; I started out doing data entry and worked my way up to project manager.
I've since managed multimillion-dollar projects; it just goes to show that hard work pays off.
I started my own business, Match Grade Apparel, in order to give back to vet-oriented nonprofits.
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High School
Associate's Degree
American Public University System


Project Engineer / Founder and President

I own an apparel co. that sells military-inspired designs and gives back to vet-oriented charities.

Career Roadmap

My work combines:
My work combines:
Non-Profit Organizations
Problem Solving

Day to Day

My day-to-day routine includes a balance between my daytime job & running an apparel company called Match Grade Apparel. During the day, I work as project engineer with Brightview Landscape Development. I arrive to Brightview around 6am & work with GPS location software to facilitate our jobs. Around 4pm, I'm on my way home to spend time with my family & catch up on Match Grade work, which includes planning new designs, answering customer service emails, making website updates and much more.

Advice for Getting Started

Here's the first step for professionals

Identify people in the field that you're interested in, then request a call with them. Informational interviews will be helpful in choosing your path. If you choose construction, you can enter field side as a laborer, or you can start in the office as a project coordinator. From each of those spots, you can work your way up into many different positions. For starting your own business, you've gotta just find your "it." Find it, love it, do it.

Recommended Education

My career is not related to what I studied. I'd recommend this path instead:



The Noise I Shed

From Myself:

"Self-doubt: You've totally messed this up."