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Cameron Sasnett

Cameron Sasnett

Fairfax County Office of Elections

Career Roadmap

Cameron's work combines: Government, Politics, and Problem Solving

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Day In The Life

Director of Elections

I oversee the operations of registration, election management, and technology to conduct elections.

Skills & Education

Here's the path I took:

  • High School

    North Stafford High School

  • Bachelor's Degree

    Political Science and Government, General

    Loyola University-New Orleans

Here's the path I recommend for someone who wants to be a First-Line Supervisors of Office & Administrative Support Workers:

High School

Bachelor's Degree: Political Science and Government, General

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Life & Career Milestones

I've taken a lot of twists and turns

  • 1.

    Left high school wanting to work in TV, did not like the college communications courses.

  • 2.

    EMS and fire-fighting. I learned that I love serving people and working for local government.

  • 3.

    I chose to volunteer to be a fire-fighter in Iraq during the war. 2004-2005

  • 4.

    I wound up managing restaurants. I started at a tiny bar & grill and worked up to large fine dining.

  • 5.

    While returning to school, I managed one of the largest restaurants in New Orleans.

  • 6.

    After I moved to DC area, I found work in election administration where I focused on technology.

  • 7.

    I was asked to join the State Board of Elections' technical advisory team in Richmond.

  • 8.

    I was selected as the Dir. of Elections for Fairfax County.

Defining Moments

How I responded to discouragement


    Messages from Peers:

    You're too young, you don't have any business running a large election administration office.

  • How I responded:

    When your confidence and your passion meet at the intersection of your faith in yourself, age does not matter. Remember, while some see youth as a disadvantage, it will always be one of your best advantages.

Experiences and challenges that shaped me

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  • Get involved, volunteer, and work hard. I worked hard on everything I've done. I've let my homosexuality define me, but have allowed it to be a highlight of who I am. By doing this, it has prevented others from being able to define me by it as well.