My road in life took a while to figure out.
First I moved to Missouri to start over and finish high school.
Then I enrolled in college after high school and started working on my business plan.
I then at 18 opened my photography business.
While still going to school full time for graphic design I moved my photography business to a studio.
After successfully owning a studio for a few years I decided to move back to the East Coast.
I accepted a job as Director of Marketing & Design on the East Coast with a family business.
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High School
John F. Hodge High School.
Graphic Design
Nash Community College


Director of Marketing & Design

I direct and design marketing for two companies as well as many small businesses.

Career Roadmap

My work combines:
My work combines:
Teaching / Mentoring

Day to Day

A great day for me at work would consist of a cup of coffee, a morning meeting to get my team motivated, and then the lists begin! I love my job because it is fast paced, with projects that have tight deadlines, and I get to work with brilliant people who make my job so much better.

Advice for Getting Started

Here's the first step for college students

The most important step for someone in college is to listen and take in as much information as you can. Work hard in the classes you don't love whether you like it or not. Go to all the networking meetings you can. Take internships whether you have to or not so you can meet as many people in the industry as you possibly can. The more people that have your back when it comes to finding a job the easier it is to find something you love.

Recommended Education

My career is related to what I studied. I'd recommend the path I took:


The Noise I Shed

From Family:

"You shouldn't open a business, you need to finish school first, you don't know what you are doing."

Challenges I Overcame