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“I don’t think that you ‘discover’ who you are; I think you create who you are.”


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Being Creative


  • Was a very smart kid, but despite understanding things conceptually, he never did well in school.
  • His mom says that looking back, it’s now apparent that he had a learning and attention issue, but at the time, they didn’t know what dyslexia was.
  • While he was at college, he stumbled upon a blues band that needed a keyboardist.
  • He told his dad, “I would go join this band if it weren’t for college,” and his dad replied, “Do it. That’s what you’re going to do eventually, anyways.”
  • Decided to drop out of school and become a full-time musician.
  • Says he never just “realized” that music could be more than a hobby; he worked every day at making sure that it became his career.
  • Founded The Luminescent Orchestrii, an experimental music group based in New York City.
  • He likes to take small instruments or sounds and create “epic” music from them; says his music is informed by his belief that everyone leads an epic life.

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