Stefan's Open Road


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Graphic Designer
Sagmeister, Inc.

“Figuring out what you have passion at and pursuing that, is a very, very worthwhile thing.”


Design Entrepreneurship


Exploration Passion Chance Experience Opportunity Planning Talent


Being Creative


  • After graduation, he went to Hong Kong to visit a friend.
  • He blew through all of the sightseeing, so he decided to explore the office buildings of design firms to see what they were working on.
  • One design firm misunderstood him, thought he was looking for a job, and invited him to do an interview.
  • He saw how well that tactic worked, so he called every design firm in the city and started a faux job hunt.
  • When he got his first real offer, he demanded a ridiculously high salary and the firm accepted; suddenly, he was living and working in Hong Kong.
  • He saved all of that money so that when he moved back to New York, he didn't have to work for long before he was able to start his own firm.
  • His biggest piece of advice is not to worry about the future; when he was in high school, he wasted a year worrying about his final exams.
  • After he got through the tests, he realized that all of the stress and high expectations were for nothing; now tries to just live in the present.

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