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Sales Manager
LGE*CTS Motorsports

“Try it. Maybe you don’t succeed, but you’re going to figure it out—you just have to keep trying.”


Engineering Entrepreneurship


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  • Her parents opened LGE*CTS Motorsports in 1982 which specializes in collision repair and custom automotive paint jobs.
  • She has been around the auto industry her whole life and grew up off-roading, riding motorcycles, and going to races.
  • Even though she always knew she wanted to work in the industry, she was never sure what she wanted to do; says she started the truck department at LGE*CTS to prove to herself that she could.
  • As a woman in the industry, says she has never felt like she didn’t fit in—credits her dad for never treating her differently or making her feel like she couldn’t do the job because she was a girl.
  • One thing she thinks is amazing about being a woman in this industry is that she stands out and people remember who she is.
  • Says people are always going to doubt you, but she’s learned not to let it get to her or hold her back.
  • The thing that has motivated her to stay in the industry all these years is simple: “I love it!"
  • Her advice to people entering the auto industry: try everything you can and find friends in the industry that support and encourage you.

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