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Special Education Teacher
High Tech Early College

“You should always shoot for something that's a little higher than what's realistic.”


Education Non-Profit Organizations


Character Doubt Experience Self-Reflection Fulfillment Goals Passion Values Education Fear Choices Success Negativity Support & Encouragement


Teaching / Mentoring


  • Joined the Air Force after high school.
  • When he came home, he worked in a group home that helps kids transition in or out of juvenile detention.
  • Realized that he loved working with kids; says he had "more in common with them than he'd like to admit."
  • He wanted to get into teaching so that he could get into kids' heads early on and tell them that they can change their situation.
  • Says that if you don't have some doubts about what you're doing, you might not be pushing yourself enough.
  • Admits that there are 12- or 13-hour nights where he starts to think, "Is there something else out there for me?"
  • The little things-like the one kid who tells him "thank you"-remind him of his passion, keep him working at it.
  • Acknowledges that there are probably some bad teachers out there; believes that if you don't have a passion for the kids, you should find another job.

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