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“You're not going to be the best you can be unless you're confident and balanced within yourself.”


Action Sports Entrepreneurship


Planning Conflict Confidence Determination Struggle Fear Money & Financial Security Passion Support & Encouragement Acceptance Choices Honesty Success Experience Hard Work Negativity Opportunity Values Education Exploration


Being Physically Active


  • He'd been training to become a professional surfer when he fell and broke his neck.
  • The accident took him out of the surfing circuit, but he knew he still wanted to be involved in the industry.
  • He'd already had a business sense, so he took that, his knowledge of the surf industry, and his competitive impulse, and started Volcom.
  • They knew what they wanted the company to be, but when it came to the technical aspects of production, they essentially just faked it until they made it.
  • When asked what he would've done if Volcom hadn't succeeded, he says, "there was a never a day I thought Volcom was gonna fail."
  • Even when they were trying to get the business off the ground and losing money, he still had faith in his vision.
  • Says that while it was great to have his parents' support, at the end of the day, you can't be living for anybody else.
  • He warns that what you like doing now might not be what you like doing in five or 10 years, but says that evolution in thought is "the beauty of life."

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