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Head of Character Animation

“You kinda need to be ready for whatever comes your way.”


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Being Creative


  • He was always interested in movies; as a kid, he'd focus on his studies in math and science, but he'd make Super 8 films on the weekends.
  • As a kid growing up in Canada, he never thought he'd be able to break into the film industry, so he decided to go into engineering.
  • At the last minute, he was accepted into a college that taught film production.
  • After trying a few different things, he settled on computer animation, which he found blended his strengths in art and engineering.
  • Soon after leaving school, he got a job as an animator at PDI; while there, he started a "character development" group.
  • When he heard that Toy Story was in the works, he jumped ship to go work at Pixar.
  • After the film wrapped, Dreamworks called and requested he come back and expand the character group he'd started.
  • He's been there for 10 years and has worked on films like Shrek, Antz, and Madagascar.

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