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Chairman and CEO

“I have the fortune of doing these great things for AT&T, but if I don't get to spend time with my family, that's not success in my mind. If I am not successful in establishing relationships, I'm failing.”


Business Technology


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Working with Others


  • Growing up, never imagined he'd become a CEO; in fact, started out in animal husbandry and agriculture.
  • The son of an agricultural entrepreneur, he was encouraged to forgo college and enter the family business.
  • Tried to follow his father's footsteps, but lacked aptitude and passion for it; decided to go to college instead.
  • Believes college isn't right for everyone, but it was for him; exposed him to concepts he hadn't considered, like business, which he fell in love with.
  • After college, went to business school and got a job at Southwestern Bell where he climbed the ranks.
  • Today, knows his title screams "success," but he doesn't tie success to status; it's having a well-rounded life.
  • Wouldn't be where he is without college; it gave him the ability to question what other people wanted for him and think for himself.

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