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“If this world's going to going to be that tough and that challenging, the one thing I know I can do is work as hard or harder and put more time in it than anyone else will.”


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  • He and his co-founder Mike Olson are considered pioneers in the sport of snowboarding.
  • Met Mike in his junior year of college and found they shared a mutual love of snowboarding.
  • Mike had been making snowboards in his shop class in high school and was determined to turn it into a living.
  • He dropped out of school and ran a makeshift shop out of an elderly woman's barn; Pete stayed in school, finished college.
  • After getting his degree, he joined Mike and they formed Mervin Manufacturing, named after a mutual friend.
  • Most people thought they were crazy for making snowboards in 1977, when hardly anyone was familiar with the sport.
  • However, they followed through on their passion, and now their brand is notorious in the rapidly growing world of snowboarding.
  • Says a lot of their friends were spending their time partying and drinking, but he always had a strong work ethic.

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