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President / CEO
No Limit Health and Education

“People are going to be looking for you to bend, to break. But are you going to give them what they want? Or are you going to continue to fight forward?”


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  • His mother went to prison when he was in the third grade; he spent some of his childhood in a house without electricity or water.
  • By the time he was a senior in high school, he had been to jail three times, a cycle he calls "riding in circles".
  • Finally, he knew he had to break the routine; he drove to the nearest military recruiting station and signed up for the Marine Corps.
  • Because they knew he had an anger problem, his superiors would constantly get in his face and dare Pernell to hit them.
  • Eventually, he broke down in tears; his senior officer pulled him aside and said, "They're trying to break you. Are you going to give them what they want?"
  • From that day forward, he made a conscious decision to continue to fight forward; graduated as one of the top four recruits in his class.
  • After two tours of Iraq, he finished his service; had a series of failures, failed out of college, ran two businesses into the ground.
  • Hearing that three men he'd served with had died inspired him to go back to college; now he's in graduate school and working with The Mission Continues.

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