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Academy Award-Winning Filmmaker
The Moon and the Son: An Imagined Conversation

“In the end, it’s all come down to believing in myself and believing in my choices.”


Art Film


Doubt Courage Struggle Failure Inspiration Focus Support & Encouragement Exploration Choices Hard Work


Communicating / Sharing Stories


  • Diagnosed with dyslexia at five years old.
  • Felt like she had a chip on her shoulder, and constantly had to prove herself in her classes because she had struggled from such a young age.
  • She always wanted to learn about the world through visual mediums rather than by reading texts.
  • One of her teachers realized that she might have a talent for making art, rather than studying it, and recommended she transfer into the visual arts department.
  • There, she found that photography and film came somewhat naturally to her; she no longer had to fight tooth and nail to prove herself in her classes.
  • When she entered the workforce, she shied away from certain jobs because she was worried her employers would find out she was dyslexic.
  • Instead, she started writing and producing her own films, one of which, The Moon and the Son: An Imagined Conversation, won an Oscar.
  • Says that her LD has helped her as a filmmaker because it taught her how to accept and own her mistakes.

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