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“Many times you get older and you'd say, 'Oh, I wish I would have done this when I was younger.' But part of the challenge of youth is to learn, right? That's the puzzle, that's what makes life interesting.”


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  • He'd been trying all kinds of different sports trying to find something he liked.
  • One day, after being inspired by the Olympics, he went out for a bike ride.
  • A neighbor who owned the local cycling store approached Paul and told him he had the skill to make an Olympic team.
  • From that day on, he dropped everything else and set his sights on the Olympics; made it four years later, at the age of 18.
  • Says he always had great support from his family, but the kids at school thought it was funny that he had to shave his legs for training.
  • Kept his cycling career going for a few years after his trip to the Montreal Olympics, but quit in 1981.
  • He'd always had an interest in the financial markets, so he got a "real job" at Merrill Lynch, but he found it hard to get the open road out of his head.
  • Returned to the cycling business, but this time in a new way, by opening his own cycling shop in Southern California.

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