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“When we first started Bioneers, there was no money in it, but I didn't feel sad or burdened by it because I loved it. It made everything in me feel alive, as if I was participating in something I was born to be a part of.”


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Working with Others


  • Grew up in New York City with a passion for theater.
  • She specifically enjoyed noncommercial, transformational theater because it challenged people's belief systems.
  • This form of theater would later help her build innovative social media strategies for companies like Odwalla and Seeds of Change.
  • Met her husband Kenny when she was 30 years old; they collaborated on a documentary called "Hoxsey: How Healing Becomes a Crime."
  • The documentary found success and started a movement towards new methods of alternative medicine.
  • She and her husband started Bioneers, a nonprofit that brings scientists together to solve environmental issues.
  • At one point, she started to worry that she was only serving her husband's vision, felt like her "feminine skills" were somehow lesser.
  • Now she sees that thought was a result of an internalized gendered bias and she pushes women to embrace these same skills.

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