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Marine Biologist/Co-Founder
Kampachi Farms, LLC

“Nobody can do this stuff by themselves. Put your tendrils out into the broader scientific community—the more you get ideas bouncing around, the better your ideas become.”


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  • Says the mission of Kampachi Farms is to “soften man’s footprints on the seas.”
  • Grew up in Australia and says he “wasted” his entire youth goofing off at the beach, surfing and snorkeling.
  • He earned a bachelor’s degree in marine biology and biological oceanography, and a master’s in zoology and animal biology.
  • When he was in school, he remembers a class briefly touching on aquaculture, but at the time it didn’t appeal to him.
  • Served as the senior research fisheries officer for the Cook Islands, and started to see the acute effects of overfishing.
  • Says that three billion people are going to rise into the middle class by 2050, and they’ll want to eat more protein.
  • He knows fishing to feed the planet isn’t going to be sustainable for much longer—his solution is sustainable fisheries.
  • Started Kampachi Farms to find better ways to build ocean pens and raise marine fish in a humane, green way.

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