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“You have to keep moving forward. The goal isn’t to get to something great, but to keep doing things that are great along the way.”


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  • Grew up in Austin, Texas.
  • In fourth grade, when a local news reporter came to present at her school, she knew then that she wanted to pursue journalism.
  • Attended Texas Christian University where she received her degree in journalism.
  • Her first job out of college was working as a producer for ABC News on shows such as Good Morning America—ended up working there for almost 10 years.
  • Says that her career started to evolve around the application of content and how you can utilize content to make better business decisions—left her job at ABC to explore that in different areas.
  • While freelancing and working for other media companies, she was recruited to work for Demand Media, Inc. as their Vice President of Media Innovation.
  • Uniting her passions of storytelling and digital media, she founded, which seeks to unite writers, agents, and publishers on one platform to connect and bring new content to life.
  • She now runs StoryFit, a startup giving the entertainment industry the power of AI to impact their content—says, “The root of who we are as people is telling we tell them is crucial.”

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