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“Put the emphasis on your strengths; invest in your strengths.”


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  • Diagnosed with dyslexia when she was in the third grade; says she was very outgoing and bright, but she simply couldn’t read.
  • After that diagnosis, she was placed into special education classes, but still chose to keep her dyslexia a secret from many of her friends.
  • Constantly trying to hide her dyslexia got to be too big a weight to carry, and she had to take a semester off of school to reevaluate her needs.
  • When she was applying to college, she looked for programs that would be able to better help her.
  • She chose Landmark College, a university that caters specifically to dyslexic students.
  • At Landmark, she wasn’t the odd one out; everyone was tackling their education and overcoming their struggles together.
  • After that experience, she felt empowered to go on to the Minneapolis College of Art and Design.
  • She currently works at Benetech marketing a program called Bookshare, an online library of ebooks for people with reading disabilities.

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