Matthew's Open Road


    Team Poor, Lazy Overachievers



“Be around people that are supportive of what you are doing.”


Art Writing


Risk Societal Pressures Determination Struggle Choices Pressure


Being Creative


  • Graduated from college at the top of his class.
  • Was encouraged to go forward with academia, but while in school, he'd found his creative side in writing and acting.
  • Was flooded with job offers after graduation, but as soon as he almost took one, something said, "This is not right."
  • He wasn't sure what to do elsewise, but the job offers started slipping away the further he got from graduation.
  • He felt so anxious and out of place, that he became depressed; decided that if he was still in Alabama in a year, he'd kill himself.
  • Right before that deadline came up, he saved his own life by hopping on a bus and moving to New Orleans.
  • During that journey and during his time living in poverty in New Orleans, he was constantly writing; his journals became his first book.
  • He printed up 100 copies and sold them on the street; decided to send one copy to a publisher and they distributed his book nationwide.

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