Mary Egan

Mary Egan



Seattle, WA USA

What I did when I was 23 has nothing to do with what I do today...but that doesn't mean I wish I hadn't done it.


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Mary Egan


My road in life has been direct.
When she was 23, she was teaching math in a New York City public school.
She knew she loved the problem-solving aspect of teaching math, but she didn't have a passion for teaching, so she went to business school.
After getting her MBA, she worked at a consulting firm for 14 years.
As a working mother of three, she started to notice that their family dinners were often compromised by busy schedules.
To save time shopping and cooking, she put her organizational skills to use and made an Excel spreadsheet of recipes and ingredients.
She assumed that someone else would've published a similar tool on the Internet, but couldn't find anything remotely helpful.
Took it upon herself to start Gatheredtable to help other parents in similar situations make healthy family meals.
Says people get paralyzed trying to figure out where to plant their foot on the first step, but you can always pivot and make a change down the road.
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I help families eat meals together by making it easier for parents to plan, shop, and prepare home cooked meals.

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My work combines:
My work combines:
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