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Heroin Skateboards

“If you're a creative person, you shouldn't pigeonhole yourself.”


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Being Creative


  • Growing up, his father always told him he should be a plumber or an electrician-something "practical."
  • When he protested and said he was a creative person, his dad said he'd never make a living drawing monsters.
  • Following this sentiment, Mark pushed harder than ever to make a career out of exactly that.
  • He didn't do very well in school; he was always preoccupied by his love of skateboarding.
  • When he started looking for graphic design jobs, he found that the majority of openings were looking for someone to structure corporate documents.
  • He knew he needed to be creative on his own terms, so he and a friend started screen printing their designs onto t-shirts and selling them.
  • From there, he followed a natural progression into drawing designs for skateboards, thus merging his two interests.
  • Once he'd made enough contacts in the field, he started Heroin Skateboards, now one of the biggest skate brands in the U.K. and Japan.

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