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CEO / Co-Founder
7 Generation Games

“You can’t just kind of dip your toe into things. It’s only when you go all in that things start to work.”


Journalism Technology


Exploration Transitions Chance Confidence Determination Hard Work Doubt Individualism Negativity Perseverance Fulfillment Planning Education Passion


Communicating / Sharing Stories


  • Says her path into technology wasn’t traditional, but the longer you work in tech, the more you start to realize that very few people actually have a “traditional” path into tech.
  • In college at NYU, she was a journalism major; after graduating, she wrote for
  • She loved her job, but at age 23, she realized that writing articles about “the Clippers doing yoga” wasn’t making a difference in the world, and it was no longer fulfilling to her.
  • She wanted to help her mother start a gaming company, but she was hesitant because she’d just had a child, didn’t know if it was the right time.
  • Her mom told her, “That perfect time will never come,” so she decided to just jump in and commit.
  • Together, they started 7 Generation Games, an educational gaming company.
  • Left journalism after working in that field for a decade, but assures road-trippers that it was the right choice; says they shouldn’t feel obligated to continue down a path they don’t like.
  • Says that as a Hispanic woman, she’s faced difficulty in the tech and media worlds, but she uses any discouragement or doubts about her credentials as fuel to motivate her forward.

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