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71 Pop

“If there’s anything I can do to help people accomplish their goals and their dreams, I’m all for it.”


Design Entrepreneurship


Character Individualism Self-Reflection Determination Fulfillment Hard Work Risk Values Opportunity Passion Exploration Desire Courage Experience


Helping People


  • Studied graphic design and journalism in college.
  • Started out “doing the traditional job thing,” working as a graphic designer at radio stations and advertising agencies.
  • After she was laid off from one of her jobs, she decided she’d have to get creative about what she did next.
  • Had the idea to open a shop with a rotating cast of local artists and designers presenting installations.
  • The idea was born out of frustrations of not having enough money to have her own shop; didn’t even know the term “pop-up” until she did some research.
  • Gave out a survey and found people agreed that there weren’t enough retail spaces where they could buy from local artists; stresses the importance of doing your research.
  • She started a successful Kickstarter—which raised $8,000—and won Crain’s Detroit Business’ “Big Idea” competition; used funds to start 71 Pop.
  • Believes that even if you have to work a really terrible job for a while until you can do the thing you love full-time, you should do it.

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