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Margarita Barry


My road in life has been direct.
Studied graphic design and journalism in college.
Started out “doing the traditional job thing,” working as a graphic designer at radio stations and advertising agencies.
After she was laid off from one of her jobs, she decided she’d have to get creative about what she did next.
Had the idea to open a shop with a rotating cast of local artists and designers presenting installations.
The idea was born out of frustrations of not having enough money to have her own shop; didn’t even know the term “pop-up” until she did some research.
Gave out a survey and found people agreed that there weren’t enough retail spaces where they could buy from local artists; stresses the importance of doing your research.
She started a successful Kickstarter—which raised $8,000—and won Crain’s Detroit Business’ “Big Idea” competition; used funds to start 71 Pop.
Believes that even if you have to work a really terrible job for a while until you can do the thing you love full-time, you should do it.
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I activate creative places and use art and digital media to empower communities and other creative "doers."

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My work combines:
My work combines:
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