Margaret's Open Road

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“To be rich is to do what you want and be happy, and to be able to live.”


Acting & Theatre Television


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Being Creative


  • At age 16, she realized she could be a comedian, but her parents weren't supportive, so she ran away to San Francisco.
  • Says she realized very early on that she didn't want to ever compromise her own happiness to appease her parents.
  • She went to L.A. to try to be an actress at the age of 19, but quickly realized that she was going to face a lot of typecasting.
  • At one point, Rob Schneider's agent told her, "Asian people will never be successful in comedy. You have your life ahead of you-you should quit."
  • She ignored that advice and kept going; took any odd job she could to keep her afloat in her pursuit of her dream.
  • She worked as a Raggedy Ann doll at FAO Schwarz, at a bookstore, and as a short-order cook, and did comedy gigs late into the night.
  • Soon, she was the most-booked act on college campuses, and once Bob Hope featured her on one of his specials, she became an overnight celebrity.
  • Says the key to success is that you have to enjoy the small steps along the way; "if you love every step [of the process], it will lead somewhere."

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