Lydia's Open Road


    Opportunity Youth Roadtrip


Filmmaker & Author
My Sky Is Falling, Little Wild Thang

“You're a human being living your life, and you're going to make a million mistakes, and a million things are going to happen to you...and it's not over.”


Film Writing


Doubt Risk Confidence Experience Self-Reflection Family Fear Individualism Passion Choices Exploration


Helping People


  • Her mother was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia, had a drug problem and worked as a prostitute.
  • When Lydia was 10 years old, her mother committed suicide.
  • Everyone in her biological family declined to take her in, so she was placed into foster care.
  • She went through four different adoptions, but she never felt like she was anyone's child, and the families always said she was a "miserable brat."
  • By the time she got to high school, she felt so beaten down that she ran away; no one reported her, so she was left without a home.
  • Says her life didn't turn around until she was 34; she started keeping a journal and writing down all the things she forgave herself for.
  • Eventually, she realized that she had to turn the tables around and instead forgive all of the people who'd hurt her.
  • Says the key to happiness is to find your inner voice-who you are before anybody else judges you-and listen to that voice.

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