Lloyd Reshard

Lloyd Reshard


Cognitive Big Data Systems

Destin, FL USA

Veterans should be proud of their service and the discipline that they’ve gained, and realize that a lot of people don’t have that discipline—companies look for discipline.


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Lloyd Reshard

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My road in life has been direct.
After college, he went into the Army Reserve as a communications officer.
He was selected to join the Air Force Research Laboratory as an engineer, developing new technology to carry weapons and make weapons smarter.
After 26 years in that lab, he realized that much of the technology he’d been developing was sitting on the shelves, unused.
He decided that a private citizen entrepreneur would need to dive into the problem and use the technology to help the world...then he decided to become that entrepreneur.
He understood his technology backwards and forwards, but the one thing he lacked was the know-how to form a business model to get his technology off the ground.
He gave a pitch to Venture Hive and was selected for their 2016 Accelerator program, which provides grants and business classes to promising new companies.
His company, Cognitive Big Data Systems, uses video, sonar, and radar technology to learn patterns and detect behaviors, then send alerts when something looks out of the ordinary.
Says that creating and inventing new things takes a lot of thought, so he always makes time to get away, take a walk each morning, and reflect on all of his blessings.
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High School
Electrical and Electronics Engineering
University of Florida



I am responsible leading the development of highly scalable solutions to bring cognitive computing to the masses.

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My work combines:
My work combines:
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