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Cognitive Big Data Systems

“Veterans should be proud of their service and the discipline that they’ve gained, and realize that a lot of people don’t have that discipline—companies look for discipline.”


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Accomplishing Goals


  • After college, he went into the Army Reserve as a communications officer.
  • He was selected to join the Air Force Research Laboratory as an engineer, developing new technology to carry weapons and make weapons smarter.
  • After 26 years in that lab, he realized that much of the technology he’d been developing was sitting on the shelves, unused.
  • He decided that a private citizen entrepreneur would need to dive into the problem and use the technology to help the world...then he decided to become that entrepreneur.
  • He understood his technology backwards and forwards, but the one thing he lacked was the know-how to form a business model to get his technology off the ground.
  • He gave a pitch to Venture Hive and was selected for their 2016 Accelerator program, which provides grants and business classes to promising new companies.
  • His company, Cognitive Big Data Systems, uses video, sonar, and radar technology to learn patterns and detect behaviors, then send alerts when something looks out of the ordinary.
  • Says that creating and inventing new things takes a lot of thought, so he always makes time to get away, take a walk each morning, and reflect on all of his blessings.

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