Lillie Ng

Lillie Ng

IT Architect


Armonk, NY USA

There's a whole world out there, and there's just so much you can do in so many different ways. But keep learning, keep learning to adapt, and be happy-it's really important to be happy.


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Lillie Ng


My road in life has been direct.
Originally thought about going into the humanities, but knew she was good at math; thought computer science could be her minor.
As she started exploring other classes, she realized that her talents and interest in art history could augment her computer science skills.
Decided to make computer science her major, but kept incorporating her other interests, like French language and government classes.
Says the skills you learn while studying science and math transfer over into every profession imaginable.
Believes that the key to finding something you love is to just try everything, even things you're not good at.
Says you get something out of anything you try, whether it's a new skill or just a learning experience.
Thinks that in today's economy, with its rapid pace of change, the key is to learn how to keep learning and adapting.
Says a good way to gauge if something is a passion is by taking a break from it; if your thoughts keep wandering back to it, it's a passion.


IT Architect

I'm an IT architect and I also mentor students and give inspirational talks about careers in STEM.

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My work combines:
My work combines:
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