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“Stay true and loyal to your potential—not anyone else’s but your own.”


Entrepreneurship Technology


Confidence Doubt Fulfillment Individualism Exploration Hard Work Opportunity Perseverance Acceptance Courage Failure Family Money & Financial Security Societal Pressures Struggle Desire Determination Focus Success Passion Talent Dedication Self-Reflection


Accomplishing Goals


  • Her family immigrated to America when she was eight years old and settled in the Silicon Valley area.
  • She was an undocumented resident until she was 17, when she got her work permit; shortly afterwards, she got an internship with Hewlett Packard.
  • No one at her internship looked like her, and she hated it; it made her want to stray away from tech.
  • However, her mother—who’d come to the U.S. to make a better life for her children—saw that tech would be an incredible opportunity and pushed her daughter to continue.
  • Determined not to let the industry make her into a victim, she decided she’d work in tech, “whether the industry embraced her or not.”
  • Believes she made the right choice going forward with tech; now, years later, diversity is dominating the conversation in the industry.
  • Since then, she’s worked at huge companies like Twitter and YouTube, helping them translate and localize their applications for a global audience.
  • Her latest endeavor, Atipica, helps tech companies find and hire diverse candidates; says she’d rather fail trying to solve the problem of diversity in tech than to never tackle it.

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