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“If you go through life, just touching one or two people every now and then, and you make a difference in their life, then you're a success.”


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Accomplishing Goals


  • Was told he was going blind when he was 28 years old.
  • Had many fears, among them, "How am I going to take care of my kids?" and "Who's going to want to date a blind man?"
  • Went back to college at age 40; by then, he was completely blind.
  • Realized he would have to work two or three times as hard as other students in order to get by.
  • He couldn't write, so he'd tape his lectures, then go home, listen to them again, and transcribe them on his computer.
  • After graduating, he'd still run into instances where people would assume he couldn't do something.
  • Became a motivational speaker to promote awareness of his disability; says he wanted to be accepted as a person, not just as a "blind person."
  • When he heard his first "success story"-a man who'd turned his life around after hearing one of Larry's speeches-he knew he'd found his passion.

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