Laney Gradus

Laney Gradus

General Manager


Culver, CA USA

Sometimes you just don't know, and that's gotta be okay. You can't write the script exactly like you want it-you don't know what's ahead and that's a really great thing.


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Laney Gradus


My road in life has been direct.
Says that knowing you're good enough doesn't make you arrogant, it makes you confident.
She always thought outside of the box; grew up in the South and knew she wanted to get out, move to L.A.
Dreamed of working in television, specifically for Norman Lear, but that didn't work out.
Says she doesn't dwell on the things that didn't work out; if the train's gone, the train's gone.
Pivoted, found someone in another area of the business that interested her and "kept up a dialogue-not too pushy, not too distant."
Eventually, even though they'd originally told her they didn't hire freelancers, they hired her.
Says she did things she knew weren't a good fit, and the more she did them, the worse she got.
Believes you'll know when you're fighting your instincts, and you have to say, okay that didn't work, and move on.


High School
University of Arizona


General Manager

I manage a team of highly talented film, video, and animation creatives.

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My work combines:
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