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General Manager

“Sometimes you just don't know, and that's gotta be okay. You can't write the script exactly like you want it-you don't know what's ahead and that's a really great thing.”


Design Technology


Determination Experience Goals Hard Work Opportunity Perseverance Courage Desire Fear Risk Chance Doubt Transitions Instincts Values Passion Exploration Choices


Accomplishing Goals


  • Says that knowing you're good enough doesn't make you arrogant, it makes you confident.
  • She always thought outside of the box; grew up in the South and knew she wanted to get out, move to L.A.
  • Dreamed of working in television, specifically for Norman Lear, but that didn't work out.
  • Says she doesn't dwell on the things that didn't work out; if the train's gone, the train's gone.
  • Pivoted, found someone in another area of the business that interested her and "kept up a dialogue-not too pushy, not too distant."
  • Eventually, even though they'd originally told her they didn't hire freelancers, they hired her.
  • Says she did things she knew weren't a good fit, and the more she did them, the worse she got.
  • Believes you'll know when you're fighting your instincts, and you have to say, okay that didn't work, and move on.

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