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Spoken Word Poet

“Never lose your sense of empathy or awe, and be proud of your existence; because your existence is a wonder, and something to be in awe of.”


Art Writing


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Being Creative


  • Raised in Tupelo, Mississippi and is the first of four living generations to leave Mississippi.
  • Being gay, she felt disconnected in her hometown, where gayness was made invisible.
  • Headed toward Seattle, the farthest she could get from home by car; stopped in Austin, never left.
  • Didn't start writing until Austin: "I didn't know I even had the capacity to do what I do now."
  • Says: "I was always a writer at heart, but I was never in an environment where that was encouraged."
  • Though some of her poems come from a dark place, they bloom into something beautiful.
  • Says: Just like a tomato plant won't grow in the desert, people thrive in different environments.
  • The beauty of life, she says, is the people you see, the stories you tell, and how they affect us.

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