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L Scott Webster



My road in life has been direct.
He was expected to enter the family's fruit business, so naturally, he originally wanted to get as far away from it as possible.
Got a job in Boston, on the opposite side of the country, but still found himself thinking, "How could our family best sell our fruit?"
Despite some tension between siblings, he went back to the family business.
Launched The Fruit Company's first website, which has led to a tenfold boom in their growth.
Soon afterwards, Oprah chose The Fruit Company's baskets as one of her favorite things and their website won a "Best of Web" award.
At one point, he started having panic attacks due to stress.
His doctor asked him what he did for fun and he realized he didn't have any hobbies-all he did was work.
Ended up buying a motorcycle; stays open about health concerns to promote finding a healthy life/work balance.
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I continue our family's tradition of providing the highest quality fruit gift baskets for our customers.

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My work combines:
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